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Villains Inc.

After the death of their supervillain boss, low-level henchpeople Beatrix, Cain, and Harold are once again left jobless, penniless, and squatting in an abandoned grocery store. Unwilling to accept their underling cycle of poverty any longer, Beatrix devises a plan for them to strike out on their own and take over the world by any means necessary. But superheroes, competing baddies, and harsh union rules make the quest for evil success a treacherous journey.

Introducing "VILLAINS INC." a PG13 comedy sci-fi in theaters April 19th, 2024

Bring Villains Inc to a Theater Near You

That's right - the movie is 100% DONE ✅, now we want to bring this award winning laugh-out-loud film to a movie theater near you, but for that to happen we need your help! (Don't worry, it isn't human sacrifices.) We need money for Prints and Advertising. Let us explain...

What is Prints & Advertising?

Movies are physically distributed to theaters by making copies of the film in a special digital format suitable for cinema projection. These copies are called ‘Prints’. The ‘Prints’ are produced, packaged in hard drives, and shipped to movie theaters where they get loaded on projectors and screened. Fun Fact: the same process occurs with the film trailer that plays in movie theaters as well.

‘Advertising’ includes the movie poster and trailer, which are typically required by each theater, as well as other advertising such as social media, billboards, Mt. Dew cans with Jar Jar Binks, etc.

Combined these are ‘Prints and Advertising’ i.e. the hard costs of getting a film into a movie theater and seen.

And this is where we need your help. For every $1,500 raised, we will get “Villains Inc.” into an additional movie theater.💥Boom!💥

How is the Money Used?

Yes, that $1,500 will cover 1. the costs of ‘Prints’, 2. the mandatory ‘Advertising’, 3. the fees for this Kickstarter campaign (producing the rewards, Kickstarter's cut, etc.), and 4. some simple promotion on social media to let people know “Villains Inc.” is in a theater near them!

How many theaters? The ultimate goal is 2,000 theaters! Tell 'em Youtube video -

That's right, we are shooting for the Hollywood stars and at the very least landing on the Hollywood moon, whatever that is.🤩 Can we do it? Yes, but only with a strong Kickstarter community effort.

...and we intend to reward everyone who helps us on this adventure.🎉🍿


We want you to feel like an integral part of the theatrical release, just as we do! That's why the majority of our rewards are centered on making "Villains Inc." a memorable big-screen experience. This includes special merch for dressing up, exclusive behind-the-scenes content, VIP screenings, being a part of the film, and much more!

We’ve set it up this way to maximize the funds that go towards getting “Villains Inc.” in as many theaters as possible, but we want the rewards to reflect the amazing community that will have helped us achieve this mega accomplishment.

Social Stretch Goals

Facebook: Share 'Bring Villains Inc. to a Movie Theater Near You'

TikTok: Like 'Bring Villains Inc. to a Movie Theater Near You'

Instagram: Follow Villains Inc.

X (Twitter): Comment on 'Bring Villains Inc. to a Movie Theater Near You'

Add Ons

In the post campaign, all the Kickstarter backers will get the opportunity to get their hands on EXCLUSIVE Kickstarter add on items that no one else will be able to get. So if you want to get your hands on any of these goodies - get donating!


Wow - you've read a lot of words so far. And some of those words were must be truly fearless. As a reward here is some Villains Inc. trivia and more info about the film.

  1. Filming started in February 2020, stopped production March 16th 2020 and then picked up almost two years later and finished production February 2022. It's literally a miracle we finished.
  2. We started scripting Villains Inc in 2018 and it was originally a mockumentary. But after shooting a proof of concept with our key cast we realized that the story would be best told as a full narrative. (Yes, we do have that mockumentary short😏)
  3. We, the creators, come from many comedy shows (Whose Line is it Anyway?, Studio C, Barats and Bereta, etc.) but the first time several of us worked with Colin Mochrie was on a commercial for a seat cushion called 'Life can be a pain in the butt, now sitting doesn't have to be'. We had a lot of fun and talked about making a movie together - that movie would become Villains Inc.

When does Villains Inc go to Theaters?

"Villains Inc." is already 100% finished, showing in film festivals, and set to go to theaters April 19th, 2024! 🎉🥳

Ten weeks after its theatrical release the plan is for Villains to be released digitally and then shortly after on Blu-ray, DVD, etc. We will make sure to keep the community updated on all these releases.

What is Villains Inc Rated?

"Villains Inc." is rated PG13. It doesn't have sex or swear words or sexy swear words - but there is violence/action, such is life in a fictional world with super heroes and villains. For reference, at film festivals we have seen all ages enjoy the movie - there is something for everyone. 

Can you get Villains Inc into Movie Theaters?

Yes! Our distribution partner, Purdie Distribution, collaborates with major theater franchises worldwide. As such, we're confident that we'll be able to reach as many theaters as the funding allows us. So whether you're in Utah, Uzbekistan, or anywhere in between we want to get the movie to you!

Will you get Villains Inc in a Movie Theater near me?

Our goal is to get "Villains Inc." within an hour and a half of every Kickstarter backer. To accomplish this we will collect broad location information (city, zip code, etc.) in our post campaign survey. With this information our distribution partner will do their best to work with theater franchises to secure a movie screen in that area. 

To accomplish this goal we will need all the help we can get - the more backing we get means the more movie theaters we can secure around the world. As we get closer to the release we will be updating the community with the list of movie theater locations where Villains will be showing. 

Why Crowdfunding?

Simply put, money is the main thing stopping us from getting "Villains Inc." into theaters. 'Prints and Advertising' is expensive - especially for indie films! This is why we're asking you to support us on Kickstarter.

With your help we can bring this truly unique comedy to a theater near you!

Timing: Early access to the Official Villains Inc. store with the corresponding 50% discount code will be available as soon as you become a backer - we've found that these items arrive within 7 days of order. Digital Rewards expected delivery is April 2024 straight after the post campaign and Final Script/Director's Notes being sent the week of the film's release. Physical Rewards expected to be delivered by August 2024 with the option to do local pick up at the VIP screening in April with the exception of the Blu-ray, DVD, and 4k Blu-Ray whose expected delivery is August. The VIP Screening is a live event planned for April 15, 2024 in the Salt Lake/Utah county area in Utah - if this needs to change for any reason we let backers receiving this reward know well in advance. For 'A Role in our Next Big Project' our team will make sure to reach out well in advance about the project, role, and schedule to make sure we can make this experience truly a once in a lifetime treat. We are currently casting other projects and hope to fulfill this reward before January 2026.

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Available Rewards:


Merch Store Early Access & VIP Discounts

Welcome to the inner circle of Villains Inc! At this level, you get exclusive community updates/content, stretch goal rewards, social stretch goal rewards, access to add ons and...

Enjoy early access to our official merchandise store, where everything is discounted by a whopping 50%. It's the perfect opportunity to score some epic Villains Inc. swag at a steal.


3x Digital Wallpapers

Being bad never looked so good. These digital wallpapers feature beautifully composed stills and art from "Villains Inc." for a splash of villainous humor your device craves - whether that's Beatrix inspiring you with a villainous quote, a stunning shot from the feature film with a twist, or exclusive "Villains Inc." logo art to put a smile on your face. Don't wait, treat your desktop and smartphone background with high resolution greatness now - as Motley Crue would say, “Home Screen Home”.



Get a digital copy of "Villains Inc." to enjoy anywhere! Laugh in the lair, cackle in the car, ROFL with a waffle - the point is, this digital version lets you experience "Villains Inc." anytime, anywhere.


The Final Script & Director's Notes!

Get ready for a one-of-a-kind, behind-the-scenes experience. You receive in PDF 1. the final shooting script of the film, complete with all the extra jokes and moments that didn't make the final cut, and 2. The full director’s filming notes! 🎥 Yes, dive deep into the creative process with Jeremy Warner as you explore his personal notes, drawings, reference materials, and more to get a unique glimpse into the mind of a comedy movie director. AND as an added bonus, your Director's Notes package will include a personal introduction and explanatory video from Jeremy Warner himself with reading tips, references, and more.

This is your chance to uncover the hidden gems and creative decisions that shaped "Villains Inc. - it might just be the only way to uncover all of film's easter eggs.

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